8 Signs You May Have A Thyroid Problem

Hey how are you feeling? Today I want to wanted to share a video with you all about signs you may have a thyroid problem. In the US more than half the people suffering with a thyroid disorder don’t even know they have an issue.

The problem is many of them have been misdiagnosed or been told they don’t have a thyroid condition as their tests “where normal”. The problem is that the signs of a thyroid disorder are many and people react differently when they have low thyroid function.

Common Symptoms You May Suffer From With Hypothyroidism

There are many symptoms you can suffer from which may indicate hypothyroidism. Below is a video which show the 8 most common symptoms which can indicate a thyroid problems:

8 Common Thyroid Symptoms You Need To Know About by womenover40
As you can see the are several indicators plus there are also many more. The problem is most people usually suffer with around two different symptoms when they have an issue and to varying degrees. This can make diagnosing low thyroid function difficult even for a medical professional.

The Most Common Symptom Of Hypothyroidism

Most people who have hypothyroidism and don’t even know about it suffer from unexplained weight gain. They eat the same and lead the same lifestyle and for some reason put weight on.

When these people try and diet or start to exercise more in a bid to lose this unwanted weight they often cannot however hard they try. Their own body is stopping them from losing weight and they don’t even know about it.

This can lead to another common condition associated with low thyroid function…depression.

Depression and Low Thyroid Function

Many people with hypothyroidism suffer with anxiety and depression. It can be from the weight gain which makes them feel uncomfortable in their own skin. Which makes them feel less confident plus if you have low thyroid function it can make you tired.

Before you know it your thyroid gland results in you going out less because you are tired and/or self-concious about your weight and start to see you friend less and less.

Your old friendships lose momentum and you keep to yourself more and that lead to loneliness and can deepen your depression further. All because of one small gland you know very little about and may not even know is the root of your problem.

I’ve Been Told So Many Sad Stories Associated With Hypothyroidism

I’ve had so many sad stories been told to me since I have been open about my thyroid issues. It is why I now have this site as I want to share my story with others and let them know they are not alone.

As many as 20 million Americans are overweight and don’t have to be because of thyroid issues (many don’t even know they have a problem).

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