Hypothyroidism and Anxiety: What You Can Do To Beat It

Hypothyroidism and Anxiety: What You Can Do To Deal with This Common Symptom Because hypothyroidism and anxiety are intrinsically linked. However not often covered elsewhere on the web. So I want to bring you some facts and then some suggestions of what you can do to deal with anxiety which maybe … [Read more...]

Mood Swings Hypothyroidism: The Emotional Roller Coaster

All our hormones work together to create balance and harmony. All it takes is one hormone to be out of whack and the delicate balance is ruined (mood swings hypothyroidism).If you’re thyroid is out of sync then it leads to a biochemical imbalance resulting in an emotional roller coaster.Our … [Read more...]

How My Hypothyroidism Made Me Antisocial

Are you finding it hard to keep up friendships with your hypothyroidism? It is not uncommon for people with hypothyroidism to become more anti-social. The illness affects us all differently. Can I Share My Own Story With You Please? I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism several years ago (I consider … [Read more...]