Hypothyroidism And Osteoporosis: Which Affects More Women

Hypothyroidism And Osteoporosis: The Silent Disease Which Affects More Women Than Osteoporosis In today’s article we’re going to look at hypothyroidism and osteoporosis. Because I think you will be surprised by what I reveal when the two are compared. The cold hard facts show more women aged 45+ … [Read more...]

Hypothyroidism and Anxiety: What You Can Do To Beat It

Hypothyroidism and Anxiety: What You Can Do To Deal with This Common Symptom Because hypothyroidism and anxiety are intrinsically linked. However not often covered elsewhere on the web. So I want to bring you some facts and then some suggestions of what you can do to deal with anxiety which maybe … [Read more...]

8 Signs You May Have A Thyroid Problem

Hey how are you feeling? Today I want to wanted to share a video with you all about signs you may have a thyroid problem. In the US more than half the people suffering with a thyroid disorder don't even know they have an issue.The problem is many of them have been misdiagnosed or been told they … [Read more...]