How My Hypothyroidism Made Me Antisocial

Are you finding it hard to keep up friendships with your hypothyroidism? It is not uncommon for people with hypothyroidism to become more anti-social. The illness affects us all differently.

Can I Share My Own Story With You Please?

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism several years ago (I consider myself lucky as many people don’t even know they have hypothyroidism). I didn’t have loads of friends, but those I did have were very important to me.

I Used To Be Pretty Outgoing Before My Hypothyroidism

When I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism it brought relief but because I still was living with the disorder and the crippling symptoms I was suffering from. I was fatigued all the time and became less interested in people.

Look I wasn’t depressed, or even what I was define as in a low mood but simply either too tired or feeling too ill to want to go out and see my friends.

The most common scenario when I was first diagnosed was I would make arrangement to meet with my friends as I still wanted to see them but because I was in too much pain would cancel. I always felt guilty and that I had let my friends down.

I Missed My Nephews Growing Up

I had two nephews who lives I was very involved in before my hypothyroidism struck but I saw my relationships with them become more distant as I suffered with my low thyroid function. It is the way of the world, people have lives to live and when an ill friend cancels all the time the friendship loses momentum.

The net result for me was I lost contact with a lot of my friends and spent most of the time in my own company. This meant I read a lot, wrote, kept up with the news and try to keep my mind occupied and active.

I never felt lonely and wasn’t really ever bored but I still would have liked to spend time with my friends. I knew it would have done me the power of good. With friends you laugh and problems feel less serious.

When You Are Ill It Likes Your Life Stops

When you are ill and it impacts your life it can stop you from being the person you were before. When you meet friends leading normal lives you feel different. I felt like I had nothing to talk about (which was unusual for me) as I was living with an illness which kept me at home.

Then I had to factor in my weight gain because of my hypothyroidism, I gained 4.5 stone in a couple of years with hypothyroidism. I did feel self-conscious of it.

I knew for a fact my friends would not judge me because of something as superficial as my appearance, but my self-consciousness was a factor in not going out more and not seeing people.

Eventually Enough Was Enough

Yes I had got stuck in a rut and in the end I was in a funk with no way out unless I made a change. I had let my hypothyroidism change my life and hadn’t pushed back. I needed to change or I would lose my friends forever.

So I decided to research hypothyroidism with a passion, I would devote my alone time to overcome my illness by myself. With time I worked out a diet that would give me my life back.

My hypothyroidism had slowed my metabolism and made me fat. I needed balanced diet to kick-start my metabolism so I could lose weight. My plan was once I started losing weight and had kick-started my metabolism it would give me more energy.

The Power of More Energy

When I followed the diet I set for myself I did start to lose weight. I ate normal foods I could get in my local supermarket but it was following at 70/30 carbohydrate to protein diet which turbo charged my metabolism. I had rules about certain foods I could not eat which we crippling my energy levels.

So the net result was I lost weight and had energy levels I hadn’t had since I was a teenager. All from eating normal food but with certain rules I had made and stuck to with my own diet.

I took me six months to lose my extra weight and feel alive again. I started going out again and spending time with my nephews. Simply put I got my life back and more as I have since stuck to the diet I created and I no longer live in the shadow of hypothyroidism.Get Our Free Report Click Here Now

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