Stay Strong People!

Thyroid disease is hard to take sometimes…

Really when people say “Oh I’ve had a hard couple of days, I’m so tired”. It is hard to be sympathetic right?

You feel like screaming “Try being tired for a couple of years and come back to me!”

Then you feel bad for feeling that way. You want to be sympathetic but it is a struggle. People don’t understand hypothyroidism. Your friends can’t see it and so it is not real to them.

People think it is in your head (although they will not tell you that to your face).

I’m Not Lazy and I Am Not Crazy!

You want to tell people “Just because you can’t see hypothyroidism, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!”

No I am not lazy and I am not crazy, I have thyroid disease and it has changed my life.

For me it made me anti-social. I let friendships fell by the wayside as I was too tired. I wanted to meet my friends and go out but I often simply lacked the energy to leave the house.

I spent a lot of time at home by myself, reading…I wasn’t say what you call depressed I liked spending time by myself. However spending time with my friends would have been better for my health I know that.

My friends had their own lives and the drift away from these people seem to happen gradually. I was sad this was happening…my life needed changing!

But the change had to come within…what to do?

So What Do You Do…How Do You Live With A Thyroid Disorder?

Please let me share a quote with you:

Sometimes it starts with baby steps…

Ladies and gentleman it may be hard but in us all we have an inner will. Inside all of us and you there is strength…

What I just wanted to say in today’s post is, I have faith in you. Today I want you to dig deep and challenge yourself to do something slightly outside your comfort zone…

With small actions mighty things can happen! Be it phoning up a friend to meet for coffee. I know you’re not lazy and you certainly aren’t crazy!

You suffer with a disease people don’t understand…and it takes a lot of willpower to get through the day. Stay strong my friends and please share with me what you did today.

I want to hear all your wonderful stories, be inspired by your inner strength and I know it will inspire others too. Together we can be strong!


  1. all thw above are me no energy and never feel like doing anything had a bllod test doctor said i didn’t have thyroid problem can’t lose any pound no interest in any thing

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